"Robin Ryan is America's Top Career Expert" – Los Angeles Times


Career Change - Assessment and Counseling


"There's no greater challenge than finding a job you can really love. By following Robin Ryan's thorough, thoughtful advice, you'll greatly increase the odds of succeeding in your quest."  -Tony Lee, Editor in Chief, Wall Street Journal


What should you do with the rest of your life? Most of Robin’s clients come to her because they aren’t happy, their work lacks meaning, or their not satisfied with their career. They may be trying to begin a new career or are re-entering the workplace but they all have one thing in common –- they seek to find a job that they can really enjoy performing. They want passion and purpose in their work. It is true that when you love your job –- your whole world is happier and when you don’t, well it can make you pretty miserable.


A career change is a BIG decision – but remaining unhappy in your career is a BAD decision.


Robin has developed, The Ideal Change Workbook that will be the foundation of your counseling session. To achieve the goal of a satisfying career change you need someone to assist you in assessing what you’re good at, what you like, who understands the world of work and then help you make better career decisions. Robin will review your key strengths and offer career directions and insights as you two explore your options. You’ll discover which fields, jobs, and industries would be best for you and what education and job hunting strategies are needed to pursue those careers.


“Robin Ryan is America’s top Career Counselor.” – Houston Chronicle


She’ll analyze your talents and show you how to sell them to a new employer so you don’t need to take a major salary loss to enter a different career.

If you want a career that taps into your true talents, and allows you to have a passionate future with more meaning and greater satisfaction, then working together with Robin Ryan is a very effective way to make a positive and prosperous career change in your own life.


“Robin Ryan is America’s knowledgeable career counselor with right-on advice.” -- WDRC Radio


“When I needed to make a career change, Robin Ryan showed me how. I highly recommend her.” --Tracy Pullman, VP Human Resources


“I was lost on how to make this career change until Robin helped me determine the best opportunity in an entirely new field." --Kathy Toyceman, Program Manager


“I was looking for a career change and I found our session very insightful.” - Carl Lausen, Association Director 


"I was so scared about reentering the workforce thinking no one would hire me since I’d been a stay-at-home mom for years. Working with Robin helped me realize I did have talents, and I could begin anew –and thanks to her -- I did!" -Janice Latton


  “I thought changing my career would be impossible since I made such a good salary. My wife encouraged me to meet with Robin—and the results speak for themselves. She guided me in a new direction and into a more lucrative and satisfying job. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting a better future.” --Dr Steven Feit


Her program includes:


* The Ideal Career Change™ Workbook

* Recorded session online